Tuesday, August 26, 2008

"The Hills" were alive with the sound of Spencer

I'm not sure why I even watch The Hills [or why I admit to it]; the show sucks. It's not real, none of the characters are likeable, none of them can act, and all of the situations are forced. But I have to mention the quote from Spencer last night. Near the end of the show, he was having a conversation with his sister, who told him that the reason she had been spending so much time with Lauren (Spencer's enemy) recently was because she hoped that she could eventually get them to start getting along. Spencer's response was classic. He said something like "that would be like trying to get Iran and Israel to get along." First of all, I don't get it. It's one of those quotes that is almost offensive, but sounds too dumb to be. Did he mean Israel and Palestine? Or was he referring to a relationship that isn't even the most volatile of the region? Let's assume he actually meant Iran. What exactly is the relationship between them? One country doesn't recognize the other. The other country doesn't seem to care, but wouldn't be afraid to fire off some missiles in their direction from time to time. Is that about right? Well that's my basic understanding of it.

So let's recap - a contrived relationship between two unlikable characters on a fake reality show :: a real relationship between two countries whose dislike for each other could result in deadly nuclear attacks.

Yeah that sounds about right.

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