Monday, August 11, 2008

For my next trick, I will move that building through osmosis

What the hell?!?!

No seriously. What the bloody hell?!?!

No, no, forget the hell. What the bloody [bleep]?!?!

Do me a favor and click that link, then read the first sentence, then tell me what the [bleep]. I'm begging you. I need answers to the following questions:

1. What the hell?
2. What the bloody hell?
3. What the bloody fuck?
4. Seriously, what the [bleep]?
5. How?
7. When?
8. Why do I keep changing from [bleep] to fuck?
9. What happened to 6?
10. Is this for real?


  1. Jane Says:

    But have you seen the cloak?

    I'm not sure where the person is that is wearing the cloak. I'm guessing it's next to the guy in the green jacket.