Friday, August 08, 2008

Overheard [and smelled] in the office

New information: "Blows his nose loudly" guy doubles as "farts loudly" guy. And all indications are that he clips his fingernails into his garbage can. Yeah that's like 3 for 3 right there. Thankfully he's a good 10 feet away with a wall divider, but we're definitely not starting off on the right foot. I promise this conversation just happened:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [loud unpleasant noise]
Me [yelling over the wall]: "Was that real?"
Him [yelling back]: "Hells yeah it was real. We keeps things real around here."
Me: "Feels free to keeps things fake."
Him: "I gots 'em ripe, Bra."
Me: "I think I may hate you."
I am so working from home more often.

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