Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Only you can start forest fires

The ultimate "my bad". It is now being reported that a young boy playing with matches is responsible for one of the fires that destroyed 38,000 acres and 21 homes in California.

Doesn't everyone have that relative (or perhaps it's themselves) who did something stupid as a kid and the whole family still brings it up, but it's kind of laughed about now? My uncle Bob set their basement on fire. I'm sure Grandpa was pissed at the time. My uncle Ken cut a girl's ponytail off as she was sitting in front of him in bible school. That was pretty dumb.

But neither of those can compare to what this kid will be able to talk about when he gets older. Where does he go from here? What kind of encore can he possibly come up with in the remainder of his life that could possibly beat out "One time, I burned down 38,000 acres of land and caused billions of dollars in damages and probably killed some people"?

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