Monday, October 01, 2007

Ramen noodles, vacations, and other Randoms

- When did rush hour become rush 13 hours?

- My least favorite part of coming back to work from a vacation: opening an email from the previous Wednesday that says something like "do not bring a lunch tomorrow, we're ordering pizzas for everyone." Son of a Bitch, I missed the free pizzas.

- I think separating laundry colors is a big myth. It may apply to red, but that's about it.

- There's something exciting about starting a fresh notepad. Or maybe not.

- If I have an itch in my ear, can I scratch it with my pen cap? Or is that too gross?

- How did popcorn get its own microwave button? To me, that seems kind of unfair to Ramen and Beef-a-roni.

- My second least favorite part of coming back to work from a vacation: getting a voice mail from someone who says something like "I know you're out of the office this week, but could you call me back next Monday when you get in?" I don't know about you, but my vacation usually doesn't end until my first Tuesday back. Monday is a wash.

- And seeing as though Monday is a wash, I am ending today's Randoms right here. It's good to be back though. Happy New Month!

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  1. Tricia Says:

    Nah, the pen scratching the ear thing isn't gross. Not unless you make sure to swipe the tip of the pen cap with your fingers and wipe them on your pants.

    Otherwise, ewww.