Wednesday, October 03, 2007

HBO, Vehicle Identification Number Numbers, and other Randoms

- Why do the car manufacturers make it so difficult for us to read the VIN? The eight looks like a B, the five looks like an S, the lower-case L looks like a one, and there’s no way to tell the difference between an O and a zero. What the [bleep]?

- Speaking of the VIN, that's one of those acronyms where we should be allowed to say 'number' at the end without being called an idiot. Yes I know I'm essentially saying 'vehicle identification number number', but can we please shut up about it?

- The McDonald’s Monopoly game has started back up. What’s to stop someone from creating a website called "" or something, then agreeing to split the winnings with another individual who, combined between the two of them, will have the game pieces needed to win a grand prize? Greg, get on that. And I call half of your half.

- Why don’t people say 'hot dog' when they’re excited anymore? As soon as I successfully bring back 'no duh', I’m gonna try bringing back 'hot dog' too.

- If you’re looking for a website to keep you occupied for 300 or 400 hours or so, click here. It’s a database of every televised movie review of Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel/Richard Roeper (and some fill-ins) from the past 20 years. The Internet has been around for a while now, but in my opinion, this website should have been created first. My recommendations so far – Ebert’s hatred for the movie "North" and Siskel’s over-the-top love for the movie "Kingpin". Simply wonderful.

- With "The Sopranos" being over and "Entourage" completely sucking last season, is it time for me to scrap HBO and make the switch to Showtime? I hear good things about that Californication show. Although it's never a good sign for a movie channel if they play crappy movies during the freebie week.

- Go Cubs tonight? Blasphemy yes, but I don't care. Enjoy the playoffs.

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  1. Jane Says:

    I love "no duh"! I've also been trying (unsuccessfully) to bring it back, along with "oh huh." But I think I'm the only one that ever said that.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    wow you really stocked up on things to talk about when you were gone, didn't you?

    i agree with you, you have to say number after you say VIN or god only know whether you're talking about the car itself or The Fast & The Furious.

    that said, isn't it slightly ironic that the co-star of a movie about cars was named VIN?

  3. Not usually a Cubs fan Says:

    It would be kind of cool to see them finally win another World Series. Kind of like how I wanted Boston to win and break their curse, and could now care less if they ever win again.