Wednesday, October 10, 2007

In case you're looking for someone to root for in the ALCS

If you're like me, you no longer have a rooting interest in Major League Baseball's 2007 season. You're still going to watch the remainder of the playoff games and you still love baseball, but you couldn't care less who wins because your favorite team has been eliminated.

If you're even more like me, this probably angers you. You want there to be a reason to watch these games aside from your love of baseball. You want to root for somebody. Anybody. You want to have a reason to continue putting up with commercials for "Frank TV" (whose George Bush impression is spot-on by the way). Well I think I may have one for you, and it's Indians pitcher Paul Byrd. Consider this article:

Two years ago, Byrd was pitching for the Angels when his younger son, Colby, 7, made an observation that left him reeling. Colby, as unimpressed with his father as only a son can be, told Byrd that if he was any good, he would be pitching for the Yankees.

"He would play this baseball video game and say, 'You know, dad, your stuff's not very good,''' Byrd recalled Tuesday in an interview with "He asked, 'Why are the Yankees always so good? Every video game we get, they've got the best team.' I explained to him that they spend a lot of money on players. If a player is really good, they try to trade for him. Usually, they have kind of an All-Star team. He kind of tucked that away in his memory," Byrd continued. "About two months later, I was signing autographs. He said, dead serious, 'Why would anyone want your autograph?' He said, 'You're not any good, you're just average.' I said, 'I've been pitching in the big leagues about 10 years. I've done this and that.' He said, 'Dad, if you were any good, the Yankees would have traded for you.'

Too funny. Paul Byrd may be just an average pitcher, but he's also got a son who is comedy gold. And for that, I now have a rooting interest in the ALCS. Go Byrd. Er, Go Indians!

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