Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Questions that keep me awake sometimes

1. Why did Ray ask his dad if he wanted to "have a catch" rather than "play catch"?

2. Did Dottie Hinson intentionally drop the ball in order to let her sister be the hero?

3. When the bus drove off the end of the highway, shouldn’t it have gone straight down?

4. Did Mickey lie about why he was incarcerated to spare Pee-Wee from the details, or was he really arrested for cutting a mattress tag?

5. Why did Jason Melon and Derek think Valerie Desmond was hot?

6. How did anyone in that tournament beat Dutch?

7. Why didn’t Principal Vernon hear the window breaking, how did the window break, and did anyone ever get in trouble for it?

8. Did Brian Flanigan and Jordan have to go through some sort of couples counseling?

9. Why didn’t Initech back up their accounting system in case of emergencies such as the building catching on fire?

10. How did Matty Banks and his friend reach the pedals in order to move all those cars?

11. Why was Col. Jessep so mean to Lt. Weinberg during the final courtroom scene?

12. What is in Marsellus Wallace’s suitcase?

13. Why did Sam Wheat cast a shadow on the street when he walked?

14. Did the DCFS finally intervene at the McAllister household after the New York debacle?

15. If Teddy KGB was connected to the Russian mafia, why would he let Mike McD talk to him like that after Mike just took him for $40,000?

16. Why didn’t Ferris break into his school’s computer to change the number of his sick days prior to it reaching nine?

17. If Ivan Drago’s punches were the equivalent of over 2000 pounds, is it realistic that Rocky’s head wouldn’t have popped right off at the start of the 3rd or 4th round?

18. Did "People’s Court" really air at the same time in every region that Ray and Charlie drove through?

19. If Truman had the authority to change the mission entirely by sending Harry Stamper and his crew up to the asteroid rather than using actual astronauts, why didn't he have the authority to over-rule the military advisor who detonated the bomb from Earth.

20. Why was it necessary to transport all of those criminals on the same plane? Couldn't they have transported them in shifts?

Can you name all 20 movies referenced?

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  1. MJ Says:

    1.Field of Dreams
    2.A league of there own
    4.peewee's big adventure
    7.Breakfast club
    9.Office Space
    11.A few good men
    12.Pulp Fiction
    14.Home Alone
    16.Ferris Beuller
    17.Rocky 4
    20.Con air

  2. Katie Says:

    I don't know whether to be offended that MJ didn't know Father of the Bride or embarrassed that I knew it and was asking the same question.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Never be embarrassed about knowing any trivia whatsoever, especially not Father of the Bride. I know some Saved by the Bell trivia, but I would never shy away from it. I try to embrace it and show it off any chance I get.

    In case you're wondering, the other answers that our favorite fan MJ missed were:

    3. Speed
    5. Back to School
    6. Karate Kid
    8. Cocktail
    18. Rainman