Thursday, December 21, 2006

Nick at Nite

Thoughts while reminiscing about Nickelodeon...

1. Kenan Thompson from Kenan & Kel is now on SNL. Does that mean Kel Mitchell is under suicide watch? Is it already too late? Would anyone have noticed?

2a. I would have rocked Double Dare. I could catapult a slimy rubber chicken like nobody's business.

2b. Family Double Dare was a joke. Everyone's mom always effed up the physical challenges. Good grief, Mom! How frigging hard is it fill up a bucket with gak while transporting it with a cup strapped to your head? You IDIOT!!

2c. I didn't realize until years later that the grand prize of a trip to Disney World for finishing the obstacle course was a crap prize considering the kids were already in Orlando to tape the frigging show! Good thing I just swam through that giant tank of mashed potatoes to get that red flag! Thanks a lot, Harvey!

3. I liked the dark haired girl from Hey Dude! way more than Christine Taylor... But I was always confused that her name was Brad. That left me with more questions than I needed at age 13.

4. Whenever they rerun the episode of Friends where they show Monica's prom video, I'm always thrilled to see Donkeylips is her date.

5. Did anyone else find Mr. Wizard to be kinda creepy? He just didn't look like someone with whom you'd leave your 13 year old girl alone. I remember one episode in particular in which he was pricking a poor girl with pins to illustrate the size of a human nerve. What the hell?


  1. Anonymous Says:

    Christine: Hey Alasdair?

    Alasdair: Yeah Christine?

    Christine: When you blow your nose, do you use your left hand or your right?

    Alasdair: Neither. I use Kleenex.

    Fortunately, that's the only locker room joke I can remember.

  2. Me Says:

    Now I am curious about Kel. I think he may actually be on another show. Perhaps on mtv? Not sure.

    Double Dare was the best. I loved finding out years later that Mark (Sommers) had OCD. I think I would watch reruns of that show looking for signs of it.

    I was attracted to the boy with the long hair on Hey Dude. THAT left me with questions as well. Mostly, why the hell am I attracted to a boy with long hair?

    I also thought Mr. Wizard was a bit off, but he was better than the later incarnation of Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    I always wished that when I said "I don't know" or "water" that I'd get the appropriate soaking.

    Sorry, this is a long comment, I have lots of thoughts about Nickeoldeon.

    But lastly, do you remember "The Electric Grandma" It was a movie on Nick.

  3. Maegan Says:

    Think AnaWanna, Speak AnaWanna, Live AnaWanna, Ugh!!

  4. Anonymous Says:

    It's "I hope we never part!" Now get it right or pay the price.

  5. Melissa Says:

    Are we all forgetting that two years after Salute your Shorts was canceled, Donkeylips was found on Singled Out by got eliminated when he told the girl that he wasn't one to talk to a lady.

    So you tell me what's worse - the fact that Donkeylips made it far enough to speak on Singled Out, or the fact that he has a MySpace page where his title name is Donkeylips - a show that has been canceled for 14 years.