Wednesday, December 20, 2006

It's my #### in a box

For some reason, certain people are just better hosts on SNL. Tom Hanks is always good. So is Christopher Walken, Steve Martin, and Jim Carrey. After last Saturday's episode, I think we need to think about adding Justin Timberlake to that list. The whole episode wasn't a winner, but the first hour was. So by my calculation, he's now 2 for 2. Click here to watch the highlight sketch while you still can.

[Editor's note, it has sound and may not be appropriate for surrounding audiences]


  1. Me Says:

    I also think that Alec Baldwin is a terrific host.

  2. gan Says:

    Serious question: is it still considered a sketch when it was pre-filmed?

  3. Brian Says:

    I think that would be a good blog topic all on its own: top SNL hosts all time.

    For me, Steve Martin has to be 1st, Alec Baldwin 2nd, and Robert DeNiro 248th.