Friday, August 31, 2007

More [bleep] from our favorite [bleep]

The following quotes from Ozzie Guillen follow Thursday night's game in which the White Sox finished with 4 errors. They also come one day after his complete meltdown after Wednesday night's game. Enjoy.

''I don't want guys getting comfortable with this sh##,'' Guillen said. ''Like, 'Turn the page, we get them next year.' I don't like that because if we keep playing like that, there's not going to be a next year for a lot of these guys to come back on this club. It's the same thing every day. It's like your kid is 2 years old and he likes Barney. And you put that little sh## down there for three hours watching that sh## back and forth, back and forth, the same song for six hours. That's what I've been doing since April. Same fu##ing thing. Rewind it. 'You OK? Yeah, OK, here's your bottle, keep watching Barney.'''

I don't know about you, but I could read that quote over and over again. Ozzie, I'm gonna miss you next year.