Friday, August 24, 2007

Traffic jam when I'm already late

I'm driving to work this morning in the center lane of a 3-lane highway. There's an accident up ahead in the right lane, so all the cars to my right are merging to the center with me. As you can imagine, traffic is moving pretty slowly. As we start to get closer to the accident, this crazy woman from the left lane just ahead of me begins to try and get over to the center (WHERE ALL THE CARS FROM THE RIGHT ARE TRYING TO GET TO AS WELL). The guy in front of me wants no part of her. He's being a real jerk about it too by riding the car in front of him and refusing to let her in. He rolls down his window.

"#### You, Lady! Stay the #### on your side."

Seems reasonable.

I'll let her in though. She's clearly insane and I'm already running late, so what's one more car in this already packed lane? I wave her in and she gets in front of me. But then she puts on her signal again. She's trying to get all the way over to the right. What the hell? Does she not see the accident over there? This woman really is insane. She's rolling down her window. She wants to talk to me. What the freak is going on here?

"Thank you," she says. "The woman in the accident up here is my sister, I'm stopping to help."

"Any time," I say.

What's the moral of the story?

Women can't drive.

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  1. Gloria Allred Says:

    This blog is offensive. All women are not bad drivers! That is just a sexist comment. There is no scientific proof that the female driver is any less adequate than a male driver. And if you show me anything to suggest otherwise, I will quickly deem that study to be biased and flawed.

    Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get ready for tonight's Man-haters of America meeting and it's my turn to bring the cupcakes. I haven't had any time to do it because I did my nails this morning and then there was a very special All My Children on today. I was riveted. I love that Erica Kane.

  2. Maygan Says:

    I'm an excellent driver.