Friday, August 24, 2007

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the Randoms

- I have never been able to see the baby on the ultrasound picture.

- Everybody has that one utensil that jams the drawer each time you try to open it. For Jill and me, it's the black plastic spatula. Damn you black plastic spatula.

- I’ve never beaten a horse that was alive either. In fact, if I did, I think I’d be in the same predicament that Michael Vick is in.

- Why do I have to sniff my wine before I drink it? Am I a dog? I’ll swirl it around a little bit and do the song and dance routine if it makes you happy, but I’m not sending it back. I’m at a restaurant and I ordered a $24 bottle of Pinot Grigio; it’s not like I’m looking for perfection here. So give me my bottle, give me my glass, and go back to the kitchen and get me my food. Thanks.

- Wow, that was mean. Let’s end this on a lighter note.

- I want to make a t-shirt that says "Pay no attention to my bob-a-lones", but then there’s an arrow pointing downward towards my bob-a-lones with a small message that says "you couldn’t help yourself, could you?" I would totally make that my goin-out shirt.

- Yeah, that was lighter. I can end here. Viernes Feliz!

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  1. Tricia Says:

    The ultrasound there something you'd like to announce?

    And you do realize you just said "Friday Happy!" in Spanish, right? In salutations like that, the 'feliz' goes before the occasion.

    Sorry...I'm in a nitpicky mood today. But the happiest of Fridays to you too!

  2. Jane Says:

    Yay, randoms! I had almost given up on you guys.

    One question though, have you been reading a book of Old Sayings or something? Last time you referenced hitting the broad side of a barn, and now the horse thing. Should we wxpect something about curiosity killing the cat or being sober as a judge...etc.?

  3. Jane Says:

    Um yeah, clearly I meant "expect" not wxpect in that last comment. :)

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Friday Happy to you too Tricia.

    Jane, I would never random about that, although I have wondered how much curiosity it takes to kill a cat 9 times. But just for you, how's this one: I know for a fact that an Oreo and a Tollhouse crumbles differently, so that saying can be kind of misleading.

    It's a good thing I still have a day job.