Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You might not have known this but.....

Steve Guttenberg now resides in rural Montana where he and his wife grow tomatoes.

T-shirts are so named because they gained popularity in the 1920's. Originally, they were known as Twenties shirts. Eventually that name was shortened to just "T-shirts".

David Duchovny enjoys spelunking.

Penny loafers were originally introduced by the Lincoln Shoe Company in Lincoln, Nebraska. The logo of the company was the silhouette of Abe Lincoln as on the penny, hence the name.

The addition symbol '+' is derived from the latin word texo, which means: to twine together, build. What we write as a plus sign is actually a lower case T.

Molly Ringwald is allergic to eggs.

Vaseline was invented as a laxative.

Christopher Columbus did not know how to swim.

Pringles chips are all the same size because they only use the parts of the potato that will make the chips that size. Proctor & Gamble sells the remaining potato pieces to the Frito-Lay company where they are used for Lays potato chips.

Blair Underwood's real name is Tootie Lowenstein.

...and that is why I'm not allowed to edit Wikipedia anymore.


  1. Molly Says: This comment has been removed by the author.
  2. Molly Says:

    Jerk, I believed every one of those, too!!!!

  3. Jane Says:

    While all of these are funny, some of them are absolutely brilliant.

    I love the "+" and the "penny loafer" ones especially.

    Oh! And the t-shirt one. I loved that.

    I was also happy to hear that Steve stayed away from "urban" Montana, he couldn't possibly live in peace there.