Tuesday, November 06, 2007

The Cold November Randoms

- I remember when the trees would lose all of their leaves by Halloween. Now it seems like they’re not even starting to fall until November. Is this a real problem or am I remembering this wrong?

- There have now been two separate instances at work when I have tried to refer to Microsoft Outlook’s Appointment maker to a co-worker or customer and I called it Evite instead. It was just as embarrassing both times. I blame Sue.

- Everyone has that friend who somehow manages to send out at least 1 different Evite every week. Sue is mine. There’s no way there could be that many things to do.

- I don’t think it’s possible for a crazy person to put razor blades in their apples at Halloween anymore. They’d be the only sonofabitch who was handing out frigging apples, so there’d be no way to get away with it.

- *Uh, Mister? This apple you gave me had a friggin razor blade in it.* *That wasn’t me.* *Uh, yes it was. You’re the only sonofabitch who put a friggin apple in my bag and when I got home it had a friggin razor blade in it.* *Hmm, are you sure?*

- See? That didn’t work.

- If I was a tornado intent on causing as much death and destruction as possible, I’d blow into town on Tuesday morning while the sirens are being tested.

- It’s good to be back. Maybe not for you.

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