Monday, September 17, 2007

Yankees/Red Sox rivalry

If after reading the following story, Shelley Duncan does not jump to the top of your list of favorite Yankees players, then I have no room for you as a friend. Then again, if you have a list containing your favorite Yankees players, I have no room for you as a friend anyway.

I'll summarize:

That 10-year-old kid over there on the right, Griffin Whitman, is a Red Sox fan. Last Friday night, young Griffin attended his first Red Sox/Yankee game at Fenway and managed to get Yankee's rookie outfielder Shelley Duncan to sign his spiral notepad. First of all, I hate to pick on a 10-year-old baseball fan, but with a name like Griffin Whitman, doesn't he deserve to get picked on just a little bit? And a spiral notepad? What happened, he couldn't find an old kleenex from his mom's purse? And why is he getting autographs from Yankee players? Somebody needs to teach this kid a little bit about that rivalry.

Okay so anyway, check out what Duncan wrote. Just classic. Now Griffin's mom is upset and complaining to the Yankee's management.

I say bravo Shelley Duncan. Very well done. That mom is just upset because she's raising a pansy. Young Griffin needs to toughen up and enjoy the free pub. And sell that notepad on eBay or something.

[special thanks to Ridgeway for the tip]