Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Brian's September rant - O.J. style

I guess I've been thinking about this latest O.J. saga and there are a few things that have me confused. I'm not sure why I'm wasting my time thinking about it, but sometimes I need some nonsense that in no way affects me personally to occupy my brain a little bit. I apologize for using this forum to waste your time with it too.

O.J. Simpson - the man who allegedly murdered two people and got away with it 13 years ago, finds out that somebody has stolen some of his sh## and is hiding it out in a Las Vegas hotel room. Being the detective that he is, Simpson and some of his hired goons decide to raid the room in order to get it back. They do it with guns blazing and curse words echoing throughout. Then they all get caught.

Now he's being held without bail and facing 7 felonies, including kidnapping and armed robbery. If convicted, he could be looking at a life sentence.

Doesn't all of this seem a little too perfect? Is this the prosecution's way of saying "yeah, Los Angeles completely eff'd up those murder charges 13 years ago, but we'll get him this time with this nonsense"? It kind of reminds me of when an umpire of a baseball game knows he blew a call, so a few minutes later he makes up for it by making another ridiculous call that helps the team that he screwed over moments earlier. This new O.J. situation seems a little too close to that, only on a much grander scale. When did O.J. Simpson become Al Capone? The only charge missing from that list is tax evasion, and I'm sure there's someone at the IRS looking into that right now as I type this.

I hate to say this, but I think they should just let the man play his golf and leave him alone. He beat the system, can't we all move on now?


  1. Anonymous Says:

    "Being the detective that he is, Simpson and some of his hired goons decide to raid the room in order to get it back."

    Heck yeah he's a detective. I mean since the murder of his ex-wife, he had been looking for the killer on the golf course. Maybe he would get lucky (in more ways then one *wink wink*) if he were to spend more time in jail. I'm sure some inmate in Nevada knows who done it.