Wednesday, September 05, 2007

1HappySt's favorite moron

I don't feel like critiquing the entire chat by Joe Morgan from this week. However, I would like to point out a quick contradiction in theories by our resident moron (and yes, I realize that it took research on my part to come up with this, so I am now borderline stalking this guy, but I'm doing it all for you guys, so please enjoy).

From 2 weeks ago:

Otto (CA): Joe, do you think the A's will ever get some guys that know how to manufacture runs by advancing the baserunner, bunting and stealing a base or two? It's frustrating watching this team as it is dead last in the AL West in runs.
Joe Morgan: Well they are built on walking and hitting home runs, and they have not been doing that a lot this year...During the regular can at times get away with looking for walks and trying to hit home runs, but once you enter the playoffs that is not the case. That is why they have struggled in the post season. They may win the division with that philosophy, from time to time, but they will never win a World Series like that.

From yesterday:

Josh W NY, NY: Do you think any National League team has any chance to beat an American League team in the World Series?
Joe Morgan: Any team that gets into the playoffs can win the World Series. The AL will be favored, but look at what happened last year. In a short series anyone can get hot and win; so yes an NL team can win.


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