Thursday, September 13, 2007

I doubt Amir will be the best man

The following story is courtesy of DeadSpin and 100% real (according to the guy behind it)...

Amir and Streety Bird have been friends for years. Last week, they attended a Yankees game, along with Streety Bird's girlfriend Sharon. Amir took this as an opportunity to play a fun little prank on his friend. I'll summarize:

Amir contacts the Yankees before the game and asks them to put a message on the JumboTron. The message is simple: "Sharon, will you marry me? - Streety Bird". Streety Bird and Sharon are of course oblivious to Amir's plan, so the makings of an historic prank are now in motion.

Cut to game day, about the 5th inning. The message appears on the scoreboard. Streety Bird sees it. Sharon sees it. What a beautiful moment, right? Nope.

Streety Bird is confused.

"What the hell?!?!" he thinks to himself. "I didn't put that up there."

Sharon, thinking the proposal is real and for her, turns to Streety Bird and says "Yes, of course I will marry you," or something of that nature.

Streety Bird is now horrified.

Amir is beginning to realize that his prank has consequences he had not previously foreseen.

Streety Bird explains to Sharon that he did not put that up there. He adds the words "I don't wanna [bleeping] marry you."

Uh oh.

Sharon slaps Streety Bird across the face with an open palm and storms away.


According to all involved parties, all of the above is real. This may be the best and worst prank of all time. I'm leaning towards worst, but part of me wishes I was there to see it.

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  1. Maygan Says:

    Those two have been pranking each other for awhile. There's a whole bunch of videos on collegehumor...which, I may be wrong, but I think they work for them or something? Anyway...the other pranks are pretty great too.