Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Felix Shmelix

I'm bored with hurricanes. Am I really supposed to care about every single one? I can understand paying attention to the ones that hit a little closer to home like Katrina or Hugo or Andrew, but there are a bunch of hurricanes a year. There has to be some sort of criteria to merit 24-hour non-stop cable news coverage.

Nothing against Honduras, but I really couldn't care less. I don't know anyone in Honduras. I don't even know anyone that's ever been to Honduras. If you gave me a map (because, like most Americans, I don't have access to maps), chances are I would not be able to show you where Honduras is. I've only got so much sympathy to give and right now, it's all tied up in feeling sorry for people that watch Rock of Love with Brett Michaels.

I also feel like the only reason cable news companies even care to cover hurricanes is so they can have one of their shmuck reporters out there in the wind and rain. I mean, who wouldn't tune in to watch Anderson Cooper get hit with a piece of aluminum siding and palm branches?

I guess I just don't get it. I feel like today's Hurricanes are all named Rodriguez to me. Ok, this whole blog just came out wrong. I'm stopping.


  1. Molly Says:

    There is NOTHING wrong with Rock of Love with Bret Michaels!!!!!

  2. Maygan Says:

    Don't say anything about that show! My mom loooves it!

    As for hurricane stories, it's just filler until another girl is abducted. Just tune it out.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    It's just filler until another girl is abducted, or until the next group of coal miners get trapped.

  4. Maygan Says:

    Haha! You are awesome.