Thursday, September 27, 2007

SpaghettiOs and hot dogs again?

I realized that with Brian gone this week, he and I are sort of like a mom and dad. Hear me out on this...

Brian is like the stay at home mom. He is constantly contributing content to the site and always here when you need him. Whereas I tend to pay attention to the exterior of the site... Making sure the links work, updating the interactive poll, things like that... Dad stuff! Like mowing the lawn and taking out the garbage. Occasionally I contribute content but let's face it. Brian does most of the work. And with Brian gone this week, I'm left in charge of the house and the dishes are piling up and I'm wearing a dirty shirt I pulled from the hamper because I'm all out of shirts. But don't worry, kids. Mom will be home soon.

But here's some bloglets while we wait...

I have never seen a man with no arms riding a bike but I bet if there is such a guy, his friends are sick of hearing him say, "Look, Mom! No hands!"

Painkillers are probably the only medicine with the word "killer" in the name. I wonder why that is.

A friend of mine gave me grief for using the word "guff", which I found to be ironic.

I took a correspondence class but I didn't get a very good grade. I totally mailed it in.

I'm guessing that book stores in San Francisco get a disproportionate number people demanding refunds for the Curious George books.

Tonight is The Office season premier. Don't forget! Check this spot tomorrow for discussion of the hour-long episode.

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