Friday, November 10, 2006

This is why we follow sports

-Former Major Leaguer Sammy Sosa has expressed his desire to play again in 2007, following a 1-year hiatus from baseball. "I want to play again so that I can reach my goal of 600 career home runs," said Sammy. Asked whether he also hopes he can help a team make it to the World Series, Sammy replied "oh yeah, that too."

-The Washington Post reports that Wizards forward Etan Thomas began arguing with teammate Brendan Haywood over comments that Haywood’s agent made. Thomas threw the first punch, and Haywood responded by slamming Thomas to the ground and tearing out two of his dreadlocks. Thomas then called Haywood a slut, and Haywood responded by calling Thomas fat.

-Free agent outfielder Carlos Lee has expressed his desire to sign with the Chicago Cubs in an effort to "stick it to his former team," the cross-town rival Chicago White Sox. When asked if he also wants to help the Cubs win the World Series, Lee said "oh yeah, that too."

-Turning back to Sosa, his agent Adam Katz has said the timeframe for Sosa to work himself back into playing shape is only 2-3 months, meaning he would be ready to go by the start of spring training. When informed that Major League Baseball still has a steroids testing policy, Katz replied "oh crap, that’s right."

-Lions WR Roy Williams said his quarterback Jon Kitna is the best quarterback in the league, but he gets overlooked because his team is currently 2-6. Asked whether it could also be because he throws a lot of interceptions, has a low completion percentage, and lacks mobility, Williams said "oh yeah, that too."

-Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder J.D. Drew opted out of the final 3 years of his contract which would have paid him a guaranteed $33 million, making him a free agent and allowing him to negotiate a new deal with any team. When asked why he would opt out of a deal that still had $33 million remaining on it, Drew’s agent Scott Boras spit out his coffee and said "wait, he had how much left?"

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