Monday, November 06, 2006

This ain't the California Penal League Vaughn

The White Sox signed Luis Terrero, once a top prospect, to a one-year contract Friday. He has been released twice and suspended twice already, but the 26-year-old outfielder will be invited to spring training in 2007.

Once thought to be a five-tool player, Terrero never has shown that ability and has been a problem instead. He was suspended for 29 games in 2004 for throwing a ball into the stands and punching a fan in the face following an on-field brawl. He was also suspended for kissing home plate after hitting a home run and for throwing his helmet at his manager after a strikeout.

During spring of 2005, Arizona outfielder Luis Gonzalez told the Arizona Republic that Terrero had "all the skills in the world. He has made some mistakes with the suspensions and doing silly things like throwing balls into the stands and attacking fans, but I think he's learning how to listen."

Oh yeah, you GOTTA make that move.

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