Monday, December 08, 2008

The password is.....

The hardest part about coming back from a long vacation is remembering how to access all of my daily programs. I've opened the word doc with all of my stored passwords like 5 times already.

Hey speaking of, that word doc is password protected so that any yahoo can't just open it and know all of my shit. But what if I forget what that password is? It's not like I can store it in my password document. That'd be silly. Which begs the question - where's a good place to store your password for your password-protected document of passwords?

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  1. Erin Says:

    When I started working for the government we had to go to a security briefing where they told us we're not allowed to write our passwords or safe combinations on anything, then the guy told us some stories of creative people who circumvented this and got caught.

    The best one was a guy who was caught when a security check guy noticed 3 football cards on his desk, each from a different team. The security guy thought it was absurd that this guy could possible like all three of these players simultaneously, so he used the numbers on their jerseys to try and open his safe and it worked! Creative, but not fool proof.