Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's the sport of kings, better than diamond rings

Whenever I watch a MNF game, I always get a kick out of the player introductions in the beginning where each starter tells me their name and the college they went to. You hear things like:

- Assante Samuel, University of Central Florida
- Victor Abiamiri, Notre Dame
- Donovan McNabb, Syracuse University

Someone who went to Ohio State will always call it "THE Ohio State University". I'm not sure what that's all about. Is there two of them? Is he making sure I know which one he went to? Yeah I don't get it, but whatever. But just once, I'd like for a player to have a little fun with it. Maybe they can make up a school. "Assante Samuel, The University for Southern Baptist Bishops". No, I know. They could use a school that doesn't even have a football team. How about this: "Assante Samuel, The University of Phoenix....on line"

Oh that's gold. It would get at least one laugh.

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  1. Shawn Says:

    They call it THE Ohio State University because the school actually added the THE in-front of the name.

    But there's always one guy who says his high school, or something like "The School of Hard Knocks." I think Adalius Thomas or Terrell Suggs of the Ravens once said he went to the "University of Africa."

  2. Jerms Says:

    haha that would definitely get laughs, i just did. but he'd have to be all embarrased when he says the word "online"

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Thanks Shawn. I didn't know that. Kind of a douchy thing to do if you ask me, but hey, what do I know? Go Blue!

    Jerms, the guy doing it would have to be a guy who appreciates a little fun, so I don't think he'd be embarrassed at all. The hard part I think would be for him to keep a straight face. If he laughs, it's ruined.

  4. Cousins of Ron Mexico Says: