Thursday, October 02, 2008

Playoff commercials I can have and do without so far

-The Axe commercial where the dude turns into chocolate. This commercial proves that you don't have to be funny to make me laugh. It just made me feel all warm inside, like when I was a kid and my uncle would pin me down on the ground and fart in my face, only the exact opposite of that. Yeah, the Axe commercial is the exact opposite of a fart in my face. A+

-The Verizon (?) commercial where the father says "uh, drag, dude" to his daughter. Gets me every time. I think it's because the dad reminds me of Will Ferrell. Look for it next time you see it. I think you'll agree.

Do without's
-Anything and everything Frank Caliendo. He's funny, but not in a 'ha ha that was funny' kind of way. It's more of a 'yeah that was pretty good' kind of way. The point is I don't need to see it 50 times a night. Frank Caliendo is like the guy at weddings who is a really good dancer. At first you're all "wow, that guy's a really good dancer". But by 11 or so, you're all "I wish that guy would take a bathroom break and wipe the sweat from his forehead already. I mean jeez, he's getting the floor all wet. And look at his shirt. He's a mess." Yeah, Frank is like that. Or maybe something more accurate than that.

-The busted Viagra commercial. How much money is Viagra paying TBS to play that stupid spot over and over and over and oveur and ovary and oh-ver and 0-for and ovar again? If I'm not tempted to buy a product after seeing it advertised 899 times, why would I be tempted on the 900th? And what the hell is the commercial supposed to be about? It's just an old guy dancing with his wife for 3 minutes. What does that have to do with erectile dysfunction? "Hey Honey, it's finally working. Let's dance." Is that how it works? I always thought it would be more like "Hey Honey, it's finally working. We're already having sex right now even though I haven't yet taken off my pants". Just a ridiculous commercial shown a ridiculous number of times.

The good (bad) news is that we're only through with 1 day. I'm sure both lists will get longer.

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  1. Michael Says:

    hey question for you...have you ever heard the big band tune that plays at the end of any Sox radio network broadcast?

  2. Brian Says:

    I don't think so.

  3. Michael Says:

    well if you ever happen to hear it let me know if it reminds you of Frank Drebin. :)