Monday, October 06, 2008

Let the games (personal attacks) begin

I find it interesting that Joe Biden is a liar for his inaccurate spending figures in Afghanistan, but Sarah Palin isn't a liar for saying Obama "pals around with terrorists who would target their own country".

I haven't seen a stretch that far since seeing [something that stretched really far].

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  1. Greg Says:


    research it. there is a connection. you can argue the extent of it, but its not a lie to say that he has associations with terrorists. he does.

  2. Brian Says:


    maybe our definition of palling around differs.

  3. Greg Says:

    the guy threw a party for obama at his house. would anyone you wouldn't consider a pal throw you a party?

  4. Brian Says:

    I can give you a long list of people who Ayers has been linked to politically. But Palin's implication by saying Obama "pals around with terrorists who would target their own country" was that Obama must support those acts. You know, cause they're pals. That's crazy.

  5. Greg Says:

    Are you saying that you're shocked that a politician would exaggerate for effect? That's shocking.

    But seriously, the guy WAS a terrorist. He literally designed bombs used to blow up the pentagon, the capital building and several police stations around the country.

    The implication Palin is making (and effectively since we're talking about it) is that we don't know the real relationship between Obama and Ayers. They certainly worked together on a project started by William Ayers. And his past wasn't a big secret. Everyone who knew him, knew who he was.

  6. Brian Says:

    It didn't shock me in the least. That's why I titled the post "Let the games (personal attacks) begin". I expect more of the same in the next month.

    And I disagree with your thoughts on what Palin's implication was. Her implication was to make us think that Obama supports terrorists.

    And that's the stretch.

  7. Melissa Says:

    About a month ago, a person I work with happened upon a bank receipt with the telephone number and name of a bank in Herndon, VA. What you may not know is that this specific bank happens to, in a very round-about way, provide funds to the Taliban.

    So I am formally writing now that I remain cordial with each of the people whom I work near, and in the chance that I run for public office one day, and there surfaces a picture of me appearing to be sharing niceties with my co-workers, who you may later learn wreck havoc on something, I whole-heartedly admit that I did take staples from them.

    In all seriousness, I probably would allow an admitted leader of severe wrong-doing throw me a party in hopes that I wouldn’t end up on the receiving end of said wrong-doing….just my two cents.

  8. Brian Says:

    Well rather than go there, I'd simply ask Palin if she honestly believes that Obama supports terrorism, whether it be a Muslim radical or a white American destroying one of our own buildings. I'd ask her if she honestly believes that about the man. Of course she doesn't. Of course nobody does. But this is politicing at its finest (worst). The word "exaggerate" is just another word for "lie".

    We're being told that we only see what we want to see, when in reality that's what everyone is doing. We all have our guy, and everyone else's guy is an asshole. But in all honesty, I don't hate anyone. I don't wish harm on anyone. I even agree with a lot of the policies of the person I'm not voting for. There's a huge danger in believing that your candidate can do no wrong. I don't believe that about mine, and I certainly don't believe that about the other one. But that won't stop the other side from calling me immature. Well hello Mr. Kettle. It's nice to meet you.

    I can see now that maybe the politics should be retired here for a while. And that's fair. I like it lighter anyway.

    So anybody got any gum?

  9. Brian Says:

    Actually it would have been Mr. Black Pot instead of Mr. Kettle, wouldn't it?

    The lesson: I'm dumb.