Monday, October 06, 2008

A few White Sox thoughts before Game 4 starts

The White Sox asked their fans to dress in all black again Sunday. According to the Sun-Times, some fans are going to wear all black from now on, even next year. A fan quote:

"It makes a nice community, builds camaraderie," said Christine Swiderski, of the Garfield Ridge neighborhood. Swiderski was wearing black eyeliner and face paint, a black headband, a black Sox pullover, black pants and black skivvies. "Everyone was so into the game."

What a fan, huh? She really takes her fandom seriously. Wait, black skivvies? How do we...who got did the reporter...wait, seriously? Black skivvies? Where's the picture of Christine in the article? She must have been an uggo. You can bet that if she wasn't, there'd be a picture accompanying that article.

In 4 or 5 more hours, we'll know if the season is over or if it'll last for at least another game. Let's hope for the latter. I'll be at home later this evening watching from my couch in my black skivvies.

Sorry no pics.


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