Thursday, October 09, 2008

Ice Cube's got nothin' on me

I gotta say, today has been a good day. Sometimes it's the little things, but for some reason Youtube isn't being blocked today. We're not sure why or how long it'll last, but right now that's not important. What is important is that Don and I were able to have this IM conversation:

Brian(13:25:36): works
Donald(13:25:46): I'm not fallin for that
Brian(13:25:59): No for real. Trust me.
Donald(13:28:12): All these weeks I was saying, wow I wish I could watch that on Youtube. Now that it works, I have no idea what to watch
Brian(13:28:43): I was thinking that exact same thing
Brian(13:28:53): I didn't use the word "wow" though
Donald(13:32:29): This is equivlant to Andy Dufresne getting the boys some beer on the top of that roof
Brian(13:33:39): "Hey Andy, thanks for getting us youtube back. I just sent you a link of a girl in a bikini washing windows. It's classic." "No thanks, I don't even watch youtube."
Donald(13:39:45): Corporate: "I don't believe it, the firewall dropped for 30 seconds and these guys were all over youtube"
Brian(13:39:52): excellent

Adam(13:45:39): this is the greatest day of my life
Douglas(13:45:44): i don't know if i've ever seen adam this happy before


  1. Jerms Says:

    Andy Dufresne's doppleganger works at Motorola in my group. I will provide a picture if I can get one.

    The best thing of all is the dude's favorite movie is Shawshank. I don't think he has any idea...