Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Only 364 more days until hockey tryouts, I gotta toughen up

From the Miami Herald:

A Miami-Dade jury has awarded almost $1.2 million to a 21-year-old man hit in the groin by a batting-cage pitch. Lhyvann Felipe, who was 19 years old at the time, was hit in the groin by a 60 mph pitch. He was hospitalized several days later. The ball struck him after an employee [of the place] asked him to go back into the batting cage to help pick up the balls. The machine, which had already completed the cycle and did not have the lights on, spit out the ball, which hit him. The judgment called for Felipe to be paid $160,000 for medical expenses and $1 million for pain and suffering.

I have a couple thoughts after reading this:
1. What kind of busted place is this that makes you retrieve your own balls? Doesn't that defeat the purpose?
2. Even if I was collecting my own balls at a batting cage, I still wouldn’t be walking in front of that son-bitch regardless of whether or not the cycle was over. That defies Rule #18 in my big book of personal rules that are based on the movie series "Final Destination", which is "Never put yourself in a position that could potentially allow a machine to act out on its own and kill you".

This rule is also responsible for me never going near a shower, a dentist, an elevator, a fire escape, a roller coaster, or sporting equipment thats hanging in the rafters of a garage.

h/t TBL