Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Frito Mr. Lust! Frito Mr. Lust!

Via here:
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Charging an extra $3 to pour cheese topping into a bag of Fritos recently led to a scuffle at a Tinley Park gas station.

At about 6:16 a.m. Friday, Darryl Lust Jr., 25, was waiting in line at a Speedway to buy a can of ice tea and bag of Fritos oozing with cheese. When the manager told him he'd have to pay a few more bucks for the topping, Lust wouldn't say whether he was willing to foot the extra cash, according to a police report. The manager then threw Lust's creation in the garbage.
That's when Lust knocked over the can of ice tea toward the manager, who came around the counter toward Lust to calm him down, police said.

The manager told police Lust pushed him to the ground and got on top of him. Another man at Speedway subdued Lust by using the wrestling move called a half Nelson until police arrived. Lust told police he never had to pay extra money for cheese at other gas stations and thought the manager was singling him out.

Police charged him with battery and disorderly conduct. He's due in a Joliet courtroom Oct. 8.
------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Half nelson's, Frito's oozing with cheese, disorderly conduct charges......


Darryl Lust Jr. shouldn't be getting arrested. He should be getting an award for creating a snack food that sounds like a small slice of heaven. I have to admit, it takes some balls to grab a bag of Frito's from the shelf, open up that son-bitch right there in the store, then take some melted cheese and pour it in the bag. But the man should be celebrated for it, not arrested.


  1. Michael Says:

    Found this one, and though you may have already covered this a while back, of all people I thought you would be amused by it.