Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Did you hear Hawk Harrelson's orgasm last night?

Hawk had an orgasm in the booth when The Cuban no-longer-swings-and-missles hit that grand slam last night. It was a pretty cool moment, unless you're a non-White Sox fan. If you're a non-White Sox fan, I'm pretty sure that moment was what you'd imagine the gates of hell to be like. Which just goes to show you, one person's hell is another person's heaven. Turns out that heaven for me is Hawk Harrelson having an orgasm. Odd.

Anyway, the White Sox PR Director (?) Brooks Boyer is asking fans that attend tonight's 1-game playoff against the Twins to dress in all black. Gimmicky? Yes. Kinda cool? We'll see. Do they mean pants too? Who has black pants that aren't dress pants? I sure don't. So you're probably going to see a lot of black shirts and blue jeans. I have no idea what that'll look like. They're handing out 40,000 black towels though, so look for that too.

So all the fans will be dressed in black, which is why I think it's interesting that Nick Blackburn is starting for the Twins. Regardless of the outcome, you can bet that tomorrow's newspaper headlines will reference that in some way.

And it'll be gay.

Let's hope the White Sox don't get Blackburned.

Yeah, something like that.


[ED: Griffey has to beware of the fake pickoff move tonight. And if you know why, consider yourself a friend of mine for life]

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  1. Michael Says:

    Little Big League!!!! I -still- hate that movie. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    wha wha WHAT?!?! How can you hate Little Big League? I saved my hatred for Rookie of the Year.

  3. Jane Says:

    I'm sure that in hindsight I'll realize this is a really stupid question, but I'm going to ask anyway...

    Why is the PR Director asking fans to dress all in black?

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Yeah that's why I put a question mark after his title because I wasn't sure what it was. I just looked it up and he's the marketing director. So that makes more sense.

    Had they lost though, it would have been pretty stupid.