Thursday, July 24, 2008

Our one-thousandth post done up Random-style

- I think the “it’s on Wikipedia so it must be true” joke has officially replaced the “why don’t they just make the entire plane out of that stuff” joke as the most played out and unfunny. Any time we want to stop using it is okay by me.

- Would it be funny if my email address was something like It would be wicked confusing to give to people in person, but it would also perfectly describe me. No I got it; what if I spelled the underscore? Like instead of, I could go with Yeah, gold. I’m switching. Wait wait wait. How about Oh hell yeah. No, better: It’s on. That’s my new address. Update your contacts list please.

- I have the five-dollar footlong Subway jingle stuck in my head. I keep repeating it over and over. "Five-dollar foot lonnnnnnnngg". It’s driving me insane.

- I’m nervous to log in to my Fidelity Account. If I don’t open it, there’s a chance that my 401k is still worth what it was when I last opened it, right?

- I really want to like that show "My Boys". Jim Gaffigan is funny, the girl who plays PJ is hot (I guess), the show is based in Chicago; I should have no complaints. But it’s just awful. I still watch it every week hoping to laugh or hoping to like it, but the way they talk makes it impossible. Does anybody talk like that? They’re supposed to be a bunch of 20 and 30-something guys hanging out in bars in Chicago. THAT’S ME!!!! And yet I have never found myself having any of the conversations these guys have. Do you watch this show? Help me out. Do you like it? It’s horribly frustrating.

- Five-dollar foot lonnnnnnnnngg.

- On that note, remember that it's a good thing that it's who ya know instead of what ya know because you're a dumbass. Then again, all the people who know you secretly call you annoying behind your back.

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  1. Triston27 Says:

    Damnit. 5 dollar foot long. Now it's stuck in my head. As for the "My Boys" show, I completely agree. You wanna think the girl's hot, but you're not sure. Maybe she's only office hot. And there was an episode where they all go to the 'burbs and act as though it's a whole new form of civilization. So annoying. That being said, I'll watch the replay next Tuesday.

  2. Brian Says:

    Yeah, I hate it. Yet it'll continue to remain a guilty pleasure for me just like Entourage. And SBTB. And The Real World. And spicy Dorito's. And women's clothing.

    /too far.

  3. Triston27 Says:

    Can't knock on SBTB. I watch it every night. Last night was the conclusion of the season where they worked at the beach club.

    / ahhhh, simpler times

  4. Jane Says:

    That random about My Boys seems awfully familiar.

    I agree though. The ingredients for greatness seem to be there, but something is missing. I watch it every week, so maybe one of these days I'll figure it out.

  5. Brian Says:

    Perhaps it deserved its own post rather than 2 helpings of Randoms. Well a year later, it still frustrates me the same way.