Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Chicago Bears - doing all they can to help the Lions not come in last

Here is NFL scout Kevin Seifert's take on the Chicago Bears' passing game this year. Just as a reminder, the Bears are going with Kyle Orton and Rex Grossman as choices 1 and 1A again this year. I'd make a joke there, but I don't think I'm funny enough.

There is an old saying about NFL personnel competitions: If you think you have two starters, you probably don't have one. Both Grossman and Orton have been benched during their careers with the Bears -- Grossman as recently as 2007. He threw 27 interceptions in his past 24 games, and his gunslinger mentality hurt the Bears as much as it helped them. Grossman followed several strong-armed throws with interceptions thrown into double coverage, while Orton appeared crisp on one play, but would launch a wobbly duck toward the sideline on the next.

Never fear though. After all, the Bears offense is one that "gets off the bus running", whatever that means. So if they're a running football team, surely their RB's should be good. Let's see what Kevin Seifert's take on the Chicago Bears' three running backs is this year (Matt Forte, the bad Adrian Peterson, and Kevin Jones).

Forte has a gliding style that makes him hard to tackle, even though at 6-foot-2 he appears to run dangerously upright. Veteran Adrian Peterson opened training camp working with the first team, but it seems only a matter of time before Forte takes over that role. Veteran Kevin Jones, signed earlier this month, is on the physically unable to perform list (knee) and might not be ready to play when the regular season begins.

I must admit, they've got me pumped.

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