Friday, July 11, 2008

Maybe this is why my PC is running Windows 98 (kidding)

Whenever some new gadget comes out (hey, did you hear about this thing called the iPhone? Apparently it's been out for like a year, but today they're releasing a newer model. It's all the rage I guess), I always make fun of the people who stand in line early in the morning to purchase it. My thought is "why not just wait until later in the day or even tomorrow? What's with this obsession to be first with everything?" So after I come across one of these new gadgets in person, the owner will say something to me like "dude, you should totally get one, it's awesome" and I'll respond with something like "first of all, stop calling me dude. And second of all, why would I buy it now when six months from now it'll be half the price?"

So then six months will go by and sure enough, this new gadget will be half the price and that same guy from the example above will remember about our conversation from six months prior and he'll be all "Dude, it's half the price now. You gonna get one?" and I'll be all "First of all, what did I tell you about calling me that. And second of all, why would I buy it now when six months from now, they'll be releasing a newer model that's even better?"

And around and around we go. Which begs the question, how can I ever own any gadgets?

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  1. Michael Says:

    an addendum for you:

    Why would you buy technological gadgets on day 1 when inevitably there will be large glitches rendering such objects inoperable upon their release?

    Like the iPhone today. :)