Friday, July 11, 2008

An Alexei Ramirez update

I have an Alexei Ramirez update for you. Alexei Ramirez is the White Sox 2nd baseman who I blogged about on Monday using the blog title "The Cuban Swing-and-a-miss-le". I thought that title was brilliant. His nickname is The Cuban Missile and I titled the blog The Cuban Swing-and-a-miss-le. Yeah I'm clever. But first I have to ask, have you ever woke up and realized right off the bat that your day was going to end up shitty? Maybe you stubbed your toe when you got out of bed. Maybe you forgot to lift the lid before your 1st pee. Maybe your raisin bran was short on raisins. Whatever it was, you just knew that you'd probably be better off just going back to bed because there was no way you were gonna have a day like Ice Cube. That must suck. I've never had one of those. Today's been pretty good. Well I'd say average. My back is a little sore for no reason whatsoever, but that happens almost every day. Totally ordinary actually. Before I got in my car this morning, I was thinking in my head that I was out of gas and I'd have to fill up on my way to work, but it turns out that I had plenty of gas to get me through the day. I'm not sure why I thought I was out. Did I dream it? Am I at the point where I'm dreaming that I'm out of gas? That'd be a shame. I just read a headline that said oil prices are at $147 per barrel right now. Can anybody put that into perspective? Like are there actual barrels of oil sitting in a warehouse somewhere that go for $147 each? And how big are these barrels? Is it like something I'd see in a candy store? Or is it like something that a cartoon character would wear if they were naked? When I think barrels, I think naked cartoon characters. Hey speaking of naked cartoon characters, yesterday...or maybe it was two nights ago. Jeez these days seem to run together, don't they? Can you even differentiate between a Wednesday night and a Thursday night anymore? As soon as the summer starts, all the TV shows that I watch are over so I only end up watching the White Sox, and they play every day so it's really hard to remember which day is which. They lost last night and they won the night before. But they were playing the Royals both nights. So which night was it that would remind me of a naked cartoon character? You know I don't even remember anymore. I'm sure the story would be either awesome or horrible. Or pretty average. Oh I remember what I wanted to tell you. It has nothing to do with naked cartoon characters though. Why was I thinking about that? I hope this isn't an early warning sign of Alzheimer's. Quick aside - when I was a kid, I thought Alzheimer's was called "Old Timer's". That's not so bad, is it? Only old people were getting it, so wouldn't it stand to reason that it could be called Old Timers Disease? What the bleep is an Alzheimer? It's probably a person, and I'm sure he or she wasn't too pleased that they named a disease after them. Not that they'd remember anyway. Okay, so back to what I wanted to mention. Earlier this week, I told you about the Cuban guy on the White Sox Alexei Ramirez and how he swings at every pitch. I hope you didn't start watching him for the first time after you read that blog because today you'd be calling me a liar. All week, he's been taking pitches like its his job. He hasn't walked or anything (that'd be crazy), but he has been laying off pitches way off the plate and he's been working the count. Last night (or maybe it was two nights ago), he even got the count to 3-2. I guess what I'm saying is that there may be hope for him yet.

Go White Sox.

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