Monday, July 07, 2008

"You're going to post this on your computer typing place, aren't you?"

I was just in a very surreal meeting here at work.

In the short 20 minutes we were in the office, the guy that called the meeting used the phrase "going back to the original question" no fewer than 6 times while never once actually going to the same "original" question. He also referred to web hyperlinks as "the blue underlined things". Then the guy appeared to be amazed upon hearing that outdated web pages can be changed without redesigning the entire website? Don't ask me to elaborate, he lost me on that one.

Also, he called me Doug twice.

My name is not Doug.

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  1. Molly Says:

    You really need a Doug label on this one. And maybe remove the Greg one. :)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Look, I'm Doug, and I'm outta heee....I'm outta heeee.....I'm outta heeeere.

    Don't like that reference? That can only mean that you're not one of the 7 people on the planet who would get it. So let's try this one:

    Sounds like someone needs more practice using his computer machine.

    I like the 1st one better. But not as much as this one:

    Ladies and gentlemen, I'm just a caveman. I fell on some ice and was thawed out by some scientists. Your world confuses me. Sometimes when I get a message on my fax machine, I wonder if demons got inside and typed it. My primitive mind can't grasp this concept. But there is one thing I do know; back to the original question, my client slipt and fell, so he's entitled to millions in punitive damages. Thank you.

  3. Melissa Says:

    This is my brother Doug and my other brother Bondo.