Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Tis the season to be Merry

It's hard enough coming up with good Christmas gift ideas for all the people that you have to buy for. But you know what's worse? Thinking you came up with a good idea, but then nobody has it in stock. What the [bleep] is that about?

Isn't it bad biz to have a product that's in demand, but none available to sell? Why the [bleep] don't they make enough for everybody? What the [bleep]?!? Why must we go through this every year? [Bleep].


So I'm at the store last night buying for Greg actually. I have a pretty cool gift idea I think. I'm searching all over the store for this thing but I can tell that there's none there. Jill suggests that I ask somebody. Yeah that'll work. I'll ask this poor kid who's making $6 an hour the same question that he's had to answer for the past 2 hours. Here's how the conversation went (as far as I can remember):

Me: "Uh, do you have any __________ in stock?"

Him: "Honestly Man, what the [bleep] do you think?"

Me: "Do you know when you'll have any?"

Him: "Yeah. I'm making $6 an hour, so management consults with me about inventory all the time. I tell you what. Why don't you write down your name and phone number on a piece of paper for me. Then when we do get some in, I'll be sure to look at that piece of paper and have a good laugh at the fact that you thought I'd ever call you."

Me: "[Bleep]"

I think we need a better system.

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