Friday, December 07, 2007

Christmas, roller rinks, and other Randoms

- Seeing two guys holding hands during the couple’s skate made me laugh every time. It was pretty simple and obvious I know, but still comedy gold as far as I was concerned.

- Boo to the guy who worked there who would always make them leave the floor, but bravo to the DJ for following that up with two Technotronic songs in a row. Pump up the jam, pump it up, while your feet are stompin'.

- By the way, if you're a DJ and you got your start at a roller rink, do you even put that on your resume'? I didn’t think so.

- If you're going to shovel snow with your stomach, you'd better be sure there are no cracks in your driveway. That's all I'm saying.

- Why does a plain hot dog cost the same as a hot dog with everything? And yet, if I order a plain hot dog and ask them to put cheese on it, they'll charge me an extra 40 cents.

- SNL has to be the greatest Tivo show ever. I can skip all the commercials, the musical guest, the opening monologue if the host sucks, and pretty much every lame sketch between Weekend Update and the last one. Basically, I can watch 90 minutes of television in about 12 or 13. You gotta love that.

- I don't have any cute buttons. At least I don't think. But I do have this zipper that's pretty hot.

- I don't mind spray butter, but I hate the look I get from Jill after I spray something 20 or 30 times.

- Last Christmas I left a bottle of wine in my mailbox for my mailman, but he didn't take it. It stayed there for two days in a row before I ended up taking it back. Maybe he's a recovering alcoholic. I wonder if he was pissed.

- Every time I see the Wendy's commercial for the new Baconator sandwich, I kind of throw up in my mouth a little bit.

- It's not officially the Christmas season until cousin Eddie kidnaps Clark's boss for the first time. Hopefully TBS will be getting us there soon.

- Speaking of Christmas, how much does it suck that it falls on a Tuesday this year? One day off? Son of a bitch. How much would it affect our GDP if we all took 2 full weeks off like schools do?

- What is the proper response to a person from the south who is complaining that the temperature earlier in the week dipped into the 40's?

- I wonder why the cable companies decided that the TV should be on channel 3. Why not 2? Or 6? Or 1? Wait, is there a channel 1? I don't think there is. What the hell?

- Okay, I think I'm done here. Until next time, [generic inspirational quote that I could not think of right now].

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  1. Sam Says:

    Last Christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, you gave it away.....

  2. Maygan Says:

    I only know about Technotronic song, which you mention. Did they have another popular song??

    My favorite thing at the skating rink was the one guy that was an amazing skater, and was really popular at the rink. But the second he walked out that door, he was pretty much a huge dork.

  3. Maygan Says:

    I meant to say "one Technotronic song..."

  4. Emily Says:

    I am very much about two weeks off for Christmas/Winter holidays, what have you. I think the world would keep spinning.

  5. Erin Says:

    Shake That Body
    Shake That Body

    People dont you know, dont you know
    its about time
    cant you hear the jam is pumpin
    while you taste the piece of mine
    many different flavors
    and the bass is strong
    get into the hot stuff
    let me pour a little on

    Baby let me show you how to do this
    you gotta move this
    you're doing fine
    theres nothing to it
    you gotta move this
    come on and move this
    shake that body for


    Can you feel the mellow crawling fast
    drum oh baby
    rhythms blast
    pump it pump it pump it up
    bet you cant make this once stop

    you've gotta move this
    you've gotta move this

    shake that body ah
    shake that body cool


    Pump It taken
    Fingers snappin
    hands club and Mamas Rappin
    Talkin about cold laughin
    shut up and you the one
    use what you got show me
    your on the floor so let me see
    don't say nothing less i saw
    and remember i like it raw


  6. maygan Says:

    Oh right! I forgot about that song. Why did I think that was Salt n' Peppa?